Empower your product team

to build products that are valuable, viable & mission aligned.

Unlock ways for your team to improve the speed and impact of product work, leading to growth and improved customer satisfaction.
Sharpen your product team's focus and execution.

Your product operator.

Over a decade of leading product at startups and scale-ups, I have helped companies achieve their product goals, from defining and delivering first products to scaling broad product portfolios. This gives me the operational experience and pattern-matching ability to quickly and effectively enable your product team to deliver on your company strategy, drive growth, and meet evolving customer needs.
I partner with executives and product teams to define and drive their product strategy and its execution, increasing output and driving growth and improved customer satisfaction. Together, we’ll create the operating principles to ensure your product strategy remains aligned with your company's goals while instilling alignment, focus, and execution across your team. I can help enable:
More efficient and strategically aligned delivery from your product and engineering teams.
Enhanced team processes and dynamics that enable greater collaboration and morale.
Alignment of your product and company strategies through flexible and well-established product principles.
Well-defined product roadmaps that align with business objectives and are accepted throughout your company.
User listening and discovery practices that enable your product team to better understand customer needs and expectations.

How I help

Fractional Product Leadership
Taking an active role in developing and executing your company’s product strategy.
Product Consulting & Coaching
Providing guidance and advice to empower your company’s product strategy and execution.
Custom Partnerships
Co-creating an approach that aligns with your company's unique product needs and goals.

How can I help?

Issues you’re raising that I solve.

“I don’t have a sense of what my product team is currently working on.”
I develop a model that enables a shared understanding of current projects while focusing your product team on key priorities.
Goal Definition
“I don’t feel my team’s direction is aligned with where the company needs to go.”
I refine product strategy and craft roadmaps to drive alignment and ensure a shared understanding of priorities.
Goal Definition
“We’re interviewing customers & running surveys, but not learning anything new.”
I build tailored discovery processes to meet your unique needs, empowering your team to learn and execute.
Goal Definition
“The engineering team is finishing sprints but we’re not seeing progress on goals.”
I enhance your team's efficiency in delivering impactful product features, enabling effective roadmap development and planning.
Goal Definition
“My product team is busy but it feels like we’re missing a repeatable process.”
I establish product principles to properly balance structure and flexibility while enabling speed and impact of delivery.
Goal Definition
“My team never seems to be aligned, but always frustrated.”
I address cross-team communication, collaboration, and expectation challenges to ensure your team moves in the same direction.
Goal Definition

A product partner that understands you.

You need a complement – someone to enable your product team to better leverage its existing knowledge, expertise, and skills to deliver value for your company and customers.
I help executives and leaders stay connected to their team's execution and delivery through an operating model that allows for alignment, optimization, and focus, while still enabling the team to move quickly. My approach is centered around providing a fresh perspective to your team, untethered by the organizational dynamics that often lead to inefficiency or misdirection. I help identify and overcome potential blindspots, challenging the "this is how we’ve always done it" mindset that can arise in fast-paced, delivery-focused environments.
Together, we'll super-charge your team's approach, equipping it to push past even the most difficult challenges.
About me

From our first call, it was clear that Omri was not only deeply knowledgeable about the intricacies of product but also possessed exceptional operational capabilities. His keen eye for detail, coupled with an analytical mindset, allowed him to establish a structured yet flexible process tailored to my company’s needs.

Jess K.
Founder & CEO, JOVA

Omri possesses a talent for thinking long-term, aligning product strategy with our company's objectives. In our work together, I watched his persuasive communication skills in action, unifying our teams with a shared vision and encouraging cross-departmental collaboration.

Jeremy G.
Co-founder & CEO, Solace Health

Omri provided exceptional guidance and direction for our product development team. His ability to balance product timelines and roadmaps, while also prioritizing engineers' well-being, makes him a great partner. Omri's approach effectively bridged communication gaps, fostering a collaborative and dynamic environment.

Manijeh N.
Head of Business Operations, REALLY

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